Volunteer Dislaimer

Saveagrave.net has no volunteers practicing in restoration or preservation. Our website is for education purpose only. Volunteers desiring to participate in a volunteer restoration or preservation group do so of their own free will and at their own risk.

In the event of an injury, volunteers must personally accept responsibility for the full expense of medical attention as well as other expenses arising out of such injury. Some volunteer projects may have inherent risks associated with them, and it is the volunteer's responsibility to know what those risks are and to not follow through on any activity they may deem too high a level of risk for their own capabilities.

The owner of saveagrave.net is not liable for any losses for personal damages or other damages incurred as a result of volunteers participation in any volunteer group, whether or not resulting from the information given on saveagrave.net.

Saveagrave.net encourages every volunteer to seek out and follow your local and state laws before doing any restoration or preservation work.