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120x60 (animated)


Stories in stones by Douglas Keister

Below this Graveyard Symbolism list is a list of Fraternal Organizations, Clubs and Societies. You will encounter many different signs and symbols on headstones. As times changed so did the images on headstones. This list may not cover every symbol you may find.

Help with this list from

Acanthus Leaf : Heavenly Gardens, Peace in the Garden of Eden
Acorn : Baby or Young Child, Strength, Independence
Adam and Eve with Serpent and Fruit Tree : Quick Death
A.E.F : American Expeditionary Forces

Alpha and Omega : The first and last letter of the Greek alphabet, used to symbolize the beginning and the end.

American Legion : Found of the graves of American Legion members.

Anchor : Often found on sailors graves, the anchor can also stand for hope or eternal life. Anchors are also found frequently on Freemason grave sites
Anchor and sword crossed,hatchet & arrow in center : Knights of Columbus
Anemone : Immortality, Ressurection

Angel : A guide to Heaven, possibly St.Michael
Angel : Carrying a Baby to Heaven
Angel, dropping flowers on grave : Grief, Mourning
Angel, Flying : Resurrection or Rebirth
Angel, Pointing to Heaven : Rejoicing in Heaven
Angel, Trumpeting : Resurrection
Angel, Weeping : Grief & Mourning
Angel with sword : Justice
Angels : Safety in Spirituality

Angus Dei : This symbolizes the lamb of God.

Anvil : Often found on blacksmiths graves, the anvil is the symbol for the forging of the universe.

Apples : Salvation, or possibly sin.

Arch : The gateway to heaven
Arms Outstretched : The Plea for Mercy

Arrow : Mortality and martyrdom.
Ax : Sudden death, life was cut short
Baby Chair : Unfulfilled Lives of Children
Baby Naked : Innocence, Purity, New life
Baby Sleeping : Represents the deceased child
Bamboo : Buddha: On Japanese Memorials, Symbolic of Devotion and Truthfulness.
Banner : Triumph, Victory
Basket : Fertility
Bat : Death, misfortune
Bed : At Rest, Anguish at the loss of a loved one
Beehive : Industriousness

Bible : Connotes a Religious Lay Person or Cleric
Biblical Sacrifice Scene of Abraham & Isaac with the Angel : Cut Down in Prime of Life

Birds : Peace, God. Most commonly doves are found on tombstones.

Book : Often used on the gravestones of ministers or clergymen. However, it is sometimes found on gravestones of very devoted religious people also, denoting a bible. Books may also represent a person’s good deeds and accomplishments being recorded in the book of life.
Book : The Bible, Wisdom, Knowledge
Book, closed : Secrecy, Final acts written, Chastity
Book, cross laying over it : Faith personified
Book, open : Perfect Knowledge, The Bible
Bouquets/Flowers : Condolences, Grief, Sorrow
Breasts (Gourds, Pomegranates) : Nourishment of the Soul (by the church)

Broken bud or flower : Someone who died an untimely or premature death. Usually seen on a younger person’s gravestone.

Broken Chain : Someone who died an untimely or premature death. Usually seen on a younger person’s gravestone.
Broken Column : Loss of Head of Family
Broken Ring : Family Circle Severed
Buds/Rosebud : Morning of Life or Renewal of Life
Bugles : Resurrection and the Military
Buttercup : Cheerfulness

Butterfly : Short-lived; Early Death
Caduceus : Medical Profession

Calla Lilly : Flower that represents beauty.
Candle : Life
Candle, with Flame : Eternal Life
Candle Being Snuffed : Time, Mortality
Candles, two : Dual nature of Christ
Candles, three : The Trinity
Candles, five : The five wounds of Christ
Candles, seven : Jesus
Castle : Reference to the Kingdom of Heaven

Cat : Cat lover
Chain Links, broken : Family unity is broken
Chain Links, three : International Order of Odd Fellows
Chain Links, three with R : Rebekah Lodge
Chair, empty : Absence of authority, Loss of a loved one
Chalice : The Eucharist, Headstones of Priests often Bear These Symbols
Cherub : Angelic, Messenger of Divine wisdom
Child naked : Innocence, Purity, New life
Child Sleeping : Represents the deceased child
Church with steeple : Minister
Chrisma : A Cross Like Shape Formed by a Combination of Two Greek Letters, Chi (X) and rho (P) corresponding to the CH and R of the word, Christi,
hence a symbol for Jesus Christ
Christ : Devotion to the Holy Figure, Aid to Attain Heaven
Cinquefoil : Maternal Affection, Beloved Daughter

Circle : Eternal life – no beginning, no end.

Clasped Hands : Farewell to earthly existence. Also unity.
Clock : Symbol of the Passage of Time, usually stopped at the hour of death
Cloud with hand emerging : God reaching down to the deceased
Clouds : Transition to the afterlife
Clover : The Trinity
lover with H inside each petal : 4-H organization
Coffin : Death of the Flesh, Mortality

Cohanim Hands : Hands with thumbs (and sometimes forefingers) joined. This is a Jewish symbol that represents members of the priestly tribe of Aaron.

Column : Mortality. A draped or broken column represents the break in earthly to heavenly life. The draped arch also symbolizes mourning.
Columns & Doors : Heavenly Entrance
Column Broken : Sudden Death, Life cut short
Column Completed : Full life, Complete life
Compass with G in center : Masons
Corn : Ripe Old Age, Fertility, Health
Conch Shell : Wisdom
Cornucopia : Abundance, Thanksgiving, The Bounty of God

Cow : Farmer
Cradle : Loss of an infant, Rebirth
Crescent : Emblem of the Virgin Mary
Crocus : Youthful Gladness

Cross : Emblem of Faith
Crossed Swords : High-ranking Military Person
Crown : Glory of Life After Death
Cup or Chalice : The Sacraments

Daisy : Symbolizes innocence; usually found on graves of young children.

D.A.R. : Daughters of the American Revolution, a non-profit women’s organization for the descendants of American Revolutionary War veterans.
Darts : Mortality
Deid Bell : The Bell Toll of Death
Dogwood : Regeneration, Divine Sacrifice, Triumph of Eternal Life
Dolphin : Salvation, Bearer of Souls to Heaven. Portrays the idea of
Doors : Passageway into the Next Life

Dove : Innocence, Gentleness, Affection, Purity, Holy Spirit
Dove with an Olive Branch : Eternal Peace
Dove with half-moon and R : Rebekah Lodge
Dragon : Depicts Sin, Worldly Pleasures, For Chinese – Imperial Power
Drapes : Mourning, Mortality, Parlor
Drapers, over anything : Sorrow, Mourning
Eagle, double-headed with 32 on breast : 32nd Degree Mason
Eagle with FOE : Fraternal Order of Eagles
Eagle with shielded breast inside fleur-de-lis : Boy Scouts of America
Elk : Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
Evening Primrose : Lasting Love, Memory, Youth and Sandess

Fern : Humility and sincerity.
Figs : Prosperity, Eternal Life
Fish : Indicates Faith
Flame or Torch : Eternity. An upside down torch represents the end of life.
FLEUR DE LIS : Flame, Passion, Ardor, Mother
F.L.T. : Friendship, Love and Truth, Independent Order of Odd Fellows a
Fraternal Organizaiton also known as “The Three Link Fraternity”
Father Time : Mortality
Fig Leaves : Abundance, fruitfulness
Figures with Dart : Killed
Finger pointing up : Soul has gone to Heaven
Finger pointing down : God reaching down for the Soul
Fireman’s Helmet : Fireman

Flame or Light : Life or Resurrection
Fleur-de-lis : The Trinity
Floral Affusion : Loveliness and Beauty

Flower, Severed Stem : Shortened Life or Fragility of Life
Flying Birds : Flight of the Soul
Frog : Depicts in and Worldly Pleasures
Fruits : Eternal Plenty
Full-Bloom Rose : Prime of Life
Garland or Wreath : Victory in Death
Gate : The passage from one realm to the next.
Gladiolus : Incarnation
Gourd : Fertility

Grapes : Blood of Christ.
Grave Vine : Christ and his followers, The Church and Unity
Grim Reaper : Death Personified
Half Carved, Half Uncarved stone : Transition from Life into Death
Half-moon and dove with R : Rebekah Lodge
Hand holding Ax : Sudden Death, Life was cut short

Hand Holding Heart : The hand holding a heart is a symbol used by the I.O.O.F (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) and Masons, both fraternal organizations. It symbolizes charity.
Hand of God Chopping : Sudden Death
Hand, Pointing Up : Pathway to Heaven or Heavenly Reward Photo
Hands, Clasped : Good-byes said at Death
Hands, Middle and Ring Fingers Separated : Jewish Blessing Hands, Indicates a Jewish Priest
Handshakes : Farewell, God’s welcome into Heaven and farewell to earthly existence
Handshake with Masculine and Feminine Sleeves : Holy Matrimony
Harp : Praise to the Maker, Joy
Hart (Male Deer) : Faithfulness, Thirsting for God, Christ Slying Satan
Hatchet with TOTE : Improved Order of Redmen
Heart : Love, Love of God, Abode of the Soul, Mortality
Heart with cross and anchor : Love, faith and hope
Hearts : Soul in Bliss or Love of Christ
Heraldry Marks:
Label (horizontal bar with three bars extending down) – First son
Crescent (half-moon) – Second son
Mullet (five-pointed star) – Third son
Martlet (bird) – Fourth son
Annulet (ring) – Fifth son
Fleur-de-lis – Sixth son
Rose – Seventh son
Cross – Eighth son
Double quatrefoil – Ninth son
Holly : The Passion of Christ
Hollyhock : Ambition, Fecundity
Horns : The Resurrection
Horse : Courage, Generosity
Horseshoe : Protection Against Evil
Hourglass : Swiftness of Time
Hourglass with Wings of Time : Time Flying, Short Life

Hummingbird : For the love of Hummingbirds
IHS/IXC : The Latin Phrase Iesu Hominum Salvator, Jesus, Mankind’s Savior
Imps : Mortality, Evil demons victorious over death
Logs : Grave of someone who worked in a log mill or a logger.
Iris : Hope, purity
Ivy : Friendship, Immortality, Dependence, Fidelity, Eternal Life and undying
Keys : Spiritual Knowledge, Keys to Heaven

Knot : A tied knot symbolizes marriage and unity.
Labrynth : The Passage of Life
Ladder : Scale of Perfection
Lamb : Innocence, Meekness, God’s Flock, Child’s grave
Lamb, lying down : Suffering of Christ
Lamb, standing : The triumphant risen Christ
Lamp or flame : Hope of resurrection
Laurel : Triumph, Eternity, Chastity, Reward, Fame, Victory
Leaf : Happiness
Lighthouse : Safety, watchfulness

Lily of the Valley : Purity, innocence, virginity.
Lilly, Calla : Majestic Beauty, Marriage
Lion : Courage, the Lion of Judah, Bravery

Logs : Woodsman of the World
Lute : Friendship, marital bliss
Lyre : Harmonious union
Mansion in sky : “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”
Menorah : Judaism
Mermaid : Dualism of Christ, Half God, Half Man
Morning Glory : Beginning of Life, Youth, Bonds of Love, Morning
Moss : Merit
Morning Glory : Resurrection, Mourning, Youth, Farewell, Brevity of Life,
Departure, Mortality, Beginning of Life
Mulberry : I will not survive you
Narcissus : The Triumph of Divine Love, Sacrifice, and Eternal Life over Death, Selfishness, and Sin

Oak Leaf : Longevity (long life).
Oak Leaves & Acorn : Maturity, Ripe Old Age, Strength of faith
Obelisk : Eternal Life or Regeneration
Olive tree or branch : Peace, reconciliation between God and man
Open Book/Bible : Deceased Teacher, Minister, Etc.

Owl : Wisdom
Pall : Mortality
Palm Branch : Victory and Rejoicing
Pansy : Remembrance and Miditation
Passion Flower : Christ, Christ’s Passion, Death, Redemption, Crucifixion
Peacock : Immortality, Pride, Vanity
Pear : Christ’s Love for Mankind
Pentagram : A five-pointed star shape Used by both Christianity and Wicca
(wichcraft) Offered protection against evil.
Phoenix : Resurrection
Pick : Death, Mortality
Pillar or Column broken : Life cut short, Sudden Death
Pillar Completed : Full life, completed life
Pine Cone : Spiritual fertility
Pineapple : Perfection, Welcome, Hospitality, Good Host

Pitcher : Often found on graves of prohibitionists. Represents virtue and control. If it is found on a Jewish grave, it symbolizes a Levite, a person who was responsible for cleaning the hands of the Temple Priest.

Poppy : Poppies symbolize eternal sleep.
Portals : Passageway to Eternal Journey

Praying Hands : Prayers to a higher power
Pyramid : Eternity, Prevented the devil from reclining on a grave.

Rabbit : Humility, gentleness, self-sacrifice.
Resurrection Scene : Hope for a Renewed Life in Death
R.I.P : Requiescat In Pace (Rest In Peace)
Rod or Staff : Comfort for the Bereaved
Rooster : Awakening; Resurrection

Rose, American Beauty : Symbol of Our Lady and of Love
Rose, Christmas : Nativity of Our Lord
Rose, Culivated : The Flower of Venus, Goddess of Love, Heavenly Joy
Rose : Motherhood, beauty
Rose, Wild : Love, Love of our Lord
Roses : Brevity of Early Existence
Roses : Full Blown – Prime of Life

Scales : Often marks the grave of someone who was in the legal profession. Sometimes seen with a statue of Saint Michael, which symbolizes his duty of weighing the souls of the departed.
Scroll : God’s Book of Life, Wisdom
Scythe : Death or the Divine Harvest
Seashell : Resurrection, Life Everlasting, Life’s Pilgrimage
Severed Branch : Mortality
Shells : Pilgrimage of Life
Sheaf of Wheat : Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest Time
Shield : Faith, Protection
Shovel : Death
Shrouded Woman : Mourning
Skeleton : Brevity of Life
Shamrock : The Trinity and St. Patrick

Sheep : Baby
Shell : Fertility, Resurrection and Pilgrimage
Ship: The grave of a seafarer
Shoes, empty, one overturned : Child’s death
Sickle : Death as the “last harvest”
Skeleton : Mortality, Death

Skull : Death and mortality. A winged skull symbolizes the ascension into heaven.

Sleeping Child : A sleeping child is a Victorian symbol for death.

Snake, hooped : Symbolizes eternal life – no beginning, no end.
Soldier Military
Spade : Death
Spade & Shovel (crossed) : Mortality
Spinning Wheel with thirteen stars : Daughters of the American Revolution
Squirrel, with Nut : Religious meditation or Spiritual Striving
Star : Spirits Rising (also Masonic attributes if five points)
Star, five-pointed rounded tips : Grand Army of the Republic
Stars & Stripes Around Eagle : Eternal Vigilance, Liberty
Stars, five-pointed inverted : Eastern Star
Sun Rising : Renewed Life, Dawn of life
Sun Setting : Death
Sun Shining : Life Everlasting
Swastika : Sea of the Buddha’s Heart, Doctrine of the Buddha. Used by
Chinese, Romans and Nazi party in Germany during the Second World War.
Sword : Liberty
Swords, crossed : Battle
Tablets, two : The Ten Commandments
Thistle : Scottish descent, Earthly Sorrow and Sin
Thistles : Remembrance
Tombs : Mortality
Torch Upright : Life Everlasting
Torch Inverted : Life Extinct or the end of a family line
Treble clef : Musician
Tree Sprouting : Life Everlasting
Tree : Life *Many stones carved in the shape of trees represent the Woodsmen of the World.
Tree Stump : Life interrupted
Tree Stump with Ivy : Head of Family, Immortality
Tree Trunk, Leaning : Short Interrupted Life
Tree Trunk/Stump : Usually marks the graves of Woodmen of the World members. Also, they usually contain other symbols such as anchors, lilies, vines, etc. Broken braches on the tree symbolize a life cut short.
Triangle : The Holy Trinity
Trumpeters : Heralds of the Resurrection
Trumpets : Call of the Spirit, Welcome to Heaven
Tulip : Charity, Declaration of Love

Urn : The soul.
Vessel, with Flame : The eternal flame, The Eternal Spirit of man
Vine : Christ
Virgin Mary : Aid to Attain Heaven
Weeping Willow Tree : Sorrow, Grief, Nature’s Lament

Wedding Bells : Married

Wedding Rings : Married
Wheat : Harvest, Prosperity, Long Full Life

Willow Tree : The first half of the 19th century was quite interested in the Greeks and Romans because they were republics and we were a new democracy. There was a great interest in Greek architecture during that time as well, up till around middle of that century. So naturally, gravestones reflected this. The urn and willow, was very popular. The urn was used by Greeks to keep the ashes of the cremated. The Willow was a symbol of the Underworld goddesses, mostly notably Persephone. Also, Orpheus, when he went to the Underworld, brought along a willow branch. It stands for sadness and mourning.
Winged Effigies : Flight of the Soul
Winged Face : Effigy of the Deceased Soul; Soul in Flight
Winged Skull : Flight of the Soul from Mortal Man

Woman Clinging to Cross : Usually found with the verse “Rock of Ages cleft for me” or “Simply to the cross I cling.” Symbolizes faith; A person or soul who is lost in the sea of sin, whose only hope is to cling to Christ’s cross (the Rock of Ages).
Woman Shrouded : Mourning
Woman Weeping : Mourning
Wreath on Skull : Victory of Death over Life
Wreath : Victory, Mourning
Yew Tree : Sadness, Eternal life

Abbreviations of Fraternal Organizations, Clubs and Societies
List given to us by

40 & 8: Forty and Eight Veterans organization
A.A: Argentium Astrum
A.A.S.R: Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Consistory)
AA: Alcoholics Anonymous
AAL: Aid Association for Lutherans
AAONMS: Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Masonic)
AASR: Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Masonic)
AAU: Amateur Athletics Union
AB: American Brotherhood
AB: Arctic Brotherhood
ABA: American Benefit Association
ABA: American Bankers Association
AboD: Apprentice Boys of Derry
ABS: American Benefit Society
ACA: Association Canado-Americaine
A.E.F: American Expeditionary Forces
AEOS: Ancient Egyptian Order of SCIOTS
AF: American Freemen
AF & AM: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
AFA: Associated Fraternities of America
AFA: American Foundrymen’s Association
AFC: American Fraternal Congress
AFGE: American Federation of Government Employees
AFL: American Federation of Labor
AFL-CIO: American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFU: American Fraternal Union
AFU: Acme Fraternal Union
AHCS: American Hungarian Catholic Society
AHEPA: American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
AHOBG: Ancient and Honorable Order of the Blue Goose
AHTA: Anti Horse Thief Association
AHW: American Home Watchmen
Al Ahvas Israel: Jewish Fraternal Benefit Society
AIOBA: Ancient and Independent Order of Buffaloes of America
AIU: American Insurance Union
AK: American Krusaders
AKIA: A Klansman I Am
AKP: American Knights of Protection
AL: American Legion
ALAC: Knights Templar Ladies Auxiliary
ALH: American Legion of Honor
ALOH: American Legion of Honor
ALPA: Airline Pilots Association
ALS: American Lombardi Society
ALW: Association of Lithuanian Workers
AMD: Allied Masonic Degrees of USA
AMOBB: Ancient Mystic Order of Bagmen of Bagdad
AMORC: Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians)
AMOS: Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans
AMVETS: American Veterans
ANA: American Numismatic Association
ANS: American Numismatic Society
ANS: Freed Gardeners
AOC: American Order of Clansmen (not associated with KKK)
AOD: American Order of Druids
AOF: American Order of Foresters
AOF: Ancient Order of Foresters
AOF: Ancient Order of Freesmiths
AOFB: Angelic Order of Fairy Bells
AOG: Ancient Order of Gleaners
AOH: Ancient Order of Hibernians
AOKMC: Ancient Order of the Knights of the Mystic Chain
AOLA: Ancient Order of Loyal Americans
AOM: Ancient Order of Muts
AOM: Ancient Order of Mysteries
AOMP: Artisans Order of Mutual Protection
AOO: American Order of Owls
AOO: Ancient Order of Osiris
AOP: Ancient Order of Pyramids
AOS: Ancient Order of Sanhedrins
AOUC: American Order of United Catholics
AOUW: Ancient Order of United Workmen
AOZ: Ancient Order of Zuzimites
AP: Alliance of Poles (in America)
APA: American Protective Association
APA: American Protestants Association
APHA: American Pharmaceutical Association
APL: American Protective League
APS: American Philatelic Society
ARI: American Rangers, Inc.
ASA: Anthroposophical Society in America
ASE: American Stars of Equity
ASEAA: Atlantic Self-Endowment Association of America
ASO: American Star Order
ASP: Association of the Sons of Poland
ASS: Arion Singing Society
AT: American Turnerbund
ATA: Anti Thief Association
ATS: Alliance of Transylvania Saxons
AUM: Ancient Order of Mysteries (Masonic)
AUSA: Association of the United States Army
AUSWV: American Union Spanish-American War Veterans
AUV: Association of Union Veterans
AW: American Woodmen
AW: American Workmen
AWM: American War Mothers
AWS: Air Weather Service
AZC: Albany Zouave Cadets
BA: Brotherhood of America
BA: Builders of the Adytum
BARE: Benefit Association of Railway Employees
BAW: Brotherhood of American Workmen
BAY: Brotherhood of American Yeomen
BBI: B’nai B’rith International
BEE: Brotherhood of Electrical Employees
BFCL/R: International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
BFFLA: Big Four Fraternal Life Association
BHLA: Ben Hur Life Association
BJMS: Bishop James Madison Society
BKA: Benevolent Knights of Molders
BkofM: Black Knights of Molders
BL: Black Legion
BLA: Baptist Life Association
BLE: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
BLF: Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
BLF&E: Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers
BNL: Brotherhood of the New Life
BMW: Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way
BNA: Bavarian National Association of North America
BNMB: Beavers National Mutual Benefit
BOB: Benevolent Order of Bereans
BOB: Benevolent Order of Buffaloes
BofRTM: Brotherhood of Rail Road Track Men
BOM: Benevolent Order of Monkeys
BOR: Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks
BOSC: Benevolent Order of Scottish Clans
BPOD: Benevolent and Patriotic Order of Does
BPOE: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
BPOEC: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of Canada
BPOEW: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
BRCA: Brotherhood of Railway Carmen
BRFF: Beavers Reserve Fund Fraternity
BRRB: Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen
BRRC: Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks
BRT: Brotherhood of Railroad Telegraphers
BRT: Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen
BRTM: Brotherhood of Rail Road Track Men
BSA: Boy Scouts of America
BU: Brotherhood of the Union
BUC: Boston Union Club
BUL: Boston Union League
BWG: Brotherhood of the West Gate
BZ: B’nai Zion
CAA: Catholic Aid Association
CAOF: Catholic Association of Foresters
CAR: Children of the American Revolution
CBKA: Commandery Benevolent Knights Association
CBL: Catholic Benevolent Legion
CBSH: Colored Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Honor
CC: Columbian Circle
CCC: Chicago Coin Club
CCTAS: Crusaders-Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CCU: Croatian Catholic Union of the USA and Canada
CCU: Czech Catholic Union
CD: Christian Democrats
CDA: Catholic Daughters of America
CDOA: Catholic Daughters of America
CE: Christian Endeavor
CERVUS ALCES: related to Elks
CFA: Canadian Fraternal Association
CFA: Columbian Fraternal Association
CFA: Companions of the Forest of America
CFFT: Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas
CFL: Catholic Fraternal League
CFL: Catholic Fraternal Life Society
CFLI: Catholice Family Life Insurance Society
CFLIS: Canadian Foresters Life Insurance Society
CFU: Continental Fraternal Union
CFUA: Croatian Fraternal Union of America
CG: California Grays
CIO: Congress of Industrial Organizations
CK: Catholic Knights
CK&HEEWH: Christian Knights & Heroines of Ethiopia of the Eastern & Western Hemispheres
CK&LI: Catholic Knights & Ladies of Illinois
CKA: Catholic Knights of America
CKIS: Catholic Knights Insurance Society
CKO: Catholic Knights of Ohio
CkofA: Catholic Knights of America
CKP: Colored Knights of Pythias
CKSG: Catholic Knights of St. George
CL: Columbian League
CLC: Catholic Ladies of Columbia
CMA: Christian Motorcyclists of America
CMA: Coming Men of America (youth organization)
CMBA: Catholic Mutual Benefit Association
CMLA: Concordia Mutual Life Association
CMLAS: Columbian Mutual Life Assurance Society
COCF: Canadian Order of Chosen Friends
COF: Canadian Order of Foresters
COF: Catholic Order of Foresters
COH: Circle of Honor
COH: Court of Honor
COOF: Catholic Order of Foresters
CP: Chevaliers of Pythias
CPL: Christian Protective League
CPL: Council of Prison Locals
CS: Columbian Squires (Knights of Columbus boys organization)
CSA: Confederate States of America
CSA: Czechoslovak Society of America
CSNS: Central States Numismatic Society
CSPS: Cesko-Slovanska Podporujici Spolecnost (Czechoslovak Society of America)
CSSIW: Continental Society Sons of Indian Wars
CTAS: Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CUOI: Catholic Union of Illinois
CW: Catholic Workmen (Insurance Society)
CWA: Canadian Wheelmen’s Association
CWA: Cold Water Army
CWV: Catholic War Veterans
CYO: Catholic Youth Organization
DA: Daughters of America
DA: Degree of Anona
DAC: Daughters of the American Colonists
DAN: Daughters of the Nile (Masonic)
DAR: Daughters of the American Revolution
DAV: Disabled American Veterans
DBA: Danish Brotherhood in America
DC: Daughters of Columbia
DES: Daughters of the Eastern Star
DH: Daughters of Hope
DH: Degree of Hiawatha
DH: Degree of Honor
DIBPOEW: Daughters of the Independent, Benevolent, and Protective Order of Elks of the World
DKV: Deutsch-Kath, Vereinsbunds: German Catholic Association
DL: Daughters of Liberty
DM: Dames of Malta
DM: DeMolay
DOA: Daughters of America
DOC: Daughters of Columbia
DODR: Daughters of Duke Richard
DofA: Daughters of America
DofC: Daughters of Columbia
DofL: Daughters of Liberty
DofM: Dames of Malta
DofR: Daughters of Rebekah
DOH: Degree of Honor
DOHPA: Degree of Honor Protective Association
DOI: Daughters of Isabella
DOI: Daughters of Isis
DOKK: Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorassanm
DOL: Daughters of Liberty
DOLLUS: Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States
DOM: Dames of Malta
DOM: Daughters of Mokanna
DON: Daughters of Norway
DON: Daughters of the Nile (Masonic)
DOP: Daughters of Penelope
DOP: Degree of Pocahontas
DOR: Daughters of Rebekah
DOS: Daughters of St. Richards
DOS: Daughters of Scotia
DOS: Daughters of Scotland
DOV: Daugthers of Veterans
DR: Daughters of Rebekah
DRT: Daughters of the Republic of Texas
DUCWV: Daughters of Union Civil War Veterans
DUV: Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
EA: Eclectic Assembly
EAU: Equitable Aid Union
EAUA: Equitable Aid Union of America
EBA: Emerald Benefit Association
EC: Emblem Club of the U.S.A.
ECV: E Clampus Vitus
EFU: Equitable Fraternal Union
EKR: Empire Knights of Relief
EL: Epworth League
ELA: Equitable League of America
ELHA: Elida Lodge Home Association
EMBA: Elks Mutual Benefit Association
EOBD: Exalted Order of Big Dogs
ERA: Equitable Reserve Association
ES: Eastern Star
ESOH: Exalted Society of Order Hounds (Salesmen)
ESU: English Speaking Union
EUBM: Eternal and Universal Brotherhood of Mystics
EWBA: Electrical Workers Benefit Association
F&AM: Free and Accepted Masons
FA&IU: Farmers Alliance & Industrial Union
FAA: Free and Accepted Americans
FAM: Free and Accepted Masons
FATAL: Fairest Among Ten Thousand, Altogether Lovely (Eastern Star)
FAU: Fraternal Aid Union
FB: Fraternal Brotherhood
FCB: Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence (Knights of Pythias)
FCF: Freedom, Charity, and Friendship (Red Men)
FCSLA: First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association
FCSU: First Catholic Slovak Union of the USA and Canada (Prva Katolicka Slovenska Jednota)
FEC: Framingham Emblem Club
FECMU: Faith, Endurance, Courage, Modesty, and Unselfishness (Royal Neighbors of America)
FFA: Future Farmers of America
FFF: Fraternity of Friendly Fellows
FFI: French Resistance Group, France, 1944
FHIS: Fraternal Home Insurance Society
FL: Fraternal Legion
FLE: Fraternity of Linemen and Wiremen
FLIA: Federation Life Insurance of America (Polish Catholic Fraternal Order)
FLT: Friendship, Love, and Truth (Odd Fellows)
FMC: Fraternal Mystic Circle
FML: Fraternal Mystic Legion
FMW: Federation of Masons of the World
FO: Fraternal Order of Orioles
FOA: Foresters of America
FOAS:T Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers
FOB: Fraternal Order of Bears
FOB: Fraternal Order of Beavers
FOC: Fraternal Order of Colonials
FOCL: Fraternal Order of Clover Leaves
FOE: Fraternal Order of Eagles
FOF: Fraternal Order of Firefighters
FofA: Foresters of America
FOFF: Fraternity of Friendly Fellows
FofO: Fraternal Order of Orioles
FOMES: Fifth Order of Melchizedek and the Egyptian Sphinx
FOO: Fraternal Order of Orioles
FOP: Fraternal Order of Police
FOR: Fraternal Order of Reindeer
FPOA: Fraternal Patriotic Order of Americans
FPSA: Freemen’s Protective Silver Association
FPSF: Freemen’s Protective Silver Federation
FRA: Fraternal Reserve Association
FRC: Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians)
FRP: Free and Regenerated Palladium
FSOI: Free Sons of Israel
FT: Fraternal Tributes
FUA: Fraternal Union of America
FUF: Fraternity of United Friars
G:.D: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
GALSTPTR: German American Legion of St. Peter
GAR: Grand Army of the Republic
GBU: German Beneficial Union
GBUP: Greater Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh
GCAVOH: Grand Chapter of the Ancient and Venerable Order of Harodim
GCOC: Grand Court Order of Calanthe
GCR: Grand College of Rites of the U.S.A.
GCU: Greek Catholic Union of the U.S.A.
GDA: Grain Dealers Association
GF: Grand Fraternity
GFS: German Freedom Society
GGC: Girls of the Golden Court
GL: Guardians of Liberty
GLAUM: Grand Lodge Ancient Order of Mysteries
GLDS: Grand Lodge Daughters of Scotia
GLIS: Gleaner Life Insurance Society
GM: Grail Movement
GMMNA: Grand Masters of Masons in North America
GNA: Grottoes of North America
GOH: German Order of Harugari
GRANGE: Order of the Patrons of Husbandry
GROTTO: Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
GSF: Golden Star Fraternity
GUOofGF: Grand United Order of Galilean Fishermen
GUOofOF: Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
GUOOF: Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
GUOTR: Grand United Order of True Reformers
GVS: Giuseppe Verdi Society
GWMNMA: George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association
GWS: Gospel Workers Society
H: The Homesteaders
H: The Hunters (U.S., circa 1838-1841)
H (in circle): Home Circle
HBL: Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor
HC: Home Circle
HF: Hermetic Fraternity
HFBO: Home Forum Benefit Order
HJ: Heroines of Jericho
HL: Hunters Lodges
HLA: Homesteaders’ Life Association
HLC: Homesteaders’ Life Company
HLMD: Hooded Ladies of the Mystic Den (auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan)
HN: Highland Nobles
HNS: Holy Name Society
HOBGI: Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International
HOGD: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
HOJ: Heroines of Jericho
HOKBHC: Holy Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
HOO-HOO: International Order of Hoo-Hoo
HP: Home Palladium
HRFA: Hungarian Reformed Federation of America Kossuth in America
HTI: High Twelve International
HTWSSTKS: Masonic “mark” of Ancient Grand Master. York Rite
Royal Arch Mason: “Hiram The Widow’s Son Sent To King Solomon”
IAFF: International Association of Fire Fighters
IANU: Italo-American National Union
IARA: International Association of Rebekah Assemblies
IATSE: International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
IBBH: International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers
IBEW: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
IBOB: International Brotherhood of Old Bastards
IBPOE: Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks
IBPOEW: Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World
IBT: International Brotherhood of Teamsters
IC: Invincible Club
IC: Iroquois Club
ICBU: Irish Catholic Benevolent Union
IDES: Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit
IFSC: International Firefighters’ Square Club
IGA: International Geneva Association
IGCRAM: International Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
IGGCRSM: International General Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters
IH: Iron Hall
IHS: The first three letters of Jesus’ name in Greek
IHSV: Red Cross of Constantine
IIDA: Iowa Implement Dealers Association
IIOO: Independent International Order of Owls
ILEOSC: International Law Enforcement Officers’ Square Club
ILH: Iowa Legion of Honor
ILM: Illinois Lumber Merchants
IML: Imperial Mystic Legion
Imp’d ORM: Improved Order of Red Men
INOF: Irish National Order of Foresters
INRI: Latin initials for Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
IOA: International Order of Alhambra
IOBA: Independent Order of B’rith Abraham
IOBB: Independent Order of B’nai B’rith
IOCF: Independent Order of Chosen Friends
IOD: Improved Order of Deer
IODE: Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire
IOF: Independent Order of Foresters
IOFI: Independent Order of Foresters of Illinois
IOGSDS: Independent Order of Good Samaritans & Daughters of Samaria
IOGT: International Order of Good Templars
IOH: Improved Order of Heptasophs
IOHH: International Order of Hoo-Hoo
IOI: Independent Order of Immaculates of the U.S.A.
IOIUSA: Independent Order of Immaculates of the U.S.A.
IOJD: International Order of Job’s Daughters
IOKP: Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
IOM: Imperial Order of Muscovites
IOM: Independent Order of Mechanics
IOMB: Independent Order of Mystic Brothers
IOOF: Independent Order of Odd Fellows
IOP: Independent Order of Puritans
IOR: Independent Order of Rebekahs
IOR: Independent Order of Rechabites
IORG: International Order of Rainbow Girls
IORM: Improved Order of Red Men
IOS: Independent Order of Shepherds
IOS: Independent Order of Svithiod
IOSA: Independent Order of Sons of Abraham
IOSB: Independent Order of Sons of Benjamin
IOSL: Independent Order of St. Luke
IOStL: Independent Order of St. Luke
IOTK&DT: International Order of Twelve Knights & Daughters of Tabor
IOV: Independent Order of Vikings
IOYD: Improved Order of Yellow Dogs
IPA: Irish Protestant Association
IphA: Illinois Pharmaceutical Association
IRB: Irish Republican Brotherhood
IS&SA: Illinois Soldiers & Sailors Association
ISCWM: International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.
ISDA: Italian Sons & Daughters of America Fraternal Association
ISDAFA: Italian Sons & Daughters of America Fraternal Association
ISH: Independent Sons of Honor
IUOM: Independent United Order of Mechanics
IWW: Industrial Workers of the World
IYOB FILIAE: Job’s Daughters
JA: Junior Achievement
JAOUW: Junior Order-Ancient Order of United Workmen
JBS: John Birch Society
JC: Jolly Corks
JCD: Jednota Ceskych Dam (Society of Bohemian Ladies)
JCDA: Junior Catholic Daughters of America
JFA: Junior Foresters of America
JL: Junior Lodge
JOAM: Junior Order of American Mechanics
JOPS: Junior Order of Princes of Syracuse
JOUAM: Junior Order of United American Mechanics
JPS: Junior Order of Princes of Syracuse
JROUAM: Junior Order of United American Mechanics
K&LofH: Knights & Ladies of Honor
K&LofS: Knights & Ladies of Security
KA: Knights of the Altar
KA: Knights of the Apocalypse
KAEO: Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order
KAMELIA: Ku Klux Klan (women’s auxiliary)
KASB: Knights of Ar-Sar-Ben
KBCW: Knights of the Blue Cross of the World
KBHC: Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
KC: Knights of Columbus
KC: Knights of the Cork
KC: Knothole Club
KCI: Kiwanis Club International
KD: Knights of Dunamis
KFM: Knights of Father Matthew
KG: Keystone Guard
KG: Knights of St. George
KG: Knights of the Globe
KGC: Knights of the Golden Circle
KGE: Knights of the Golden Eagle
KGL: Knight Grand Legion
KGR: Knights of the Golden Rule
KH: Knights of Honor
KHC: Knights of the Holy Cross
KHS: Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
KICK: Knights of the Invisible Colored Kingdom
KIGY: Klansman, I Greet You / Klan Interests Guide You
KIM: Knights of the Immaculate Movement
KIN: Kinsmen
KJ: Knights of Jericho
KJ: Knights of Jubilation
KJZT: Catholic Women’s Fraternal of Texas
KK: Knights of Khorasan
KKK: Ku Klux Klan
KKKK: Knights of Ku Klux Klan
KL: Knights of Labor
KL: Knights of Liberty
KL: Knights of Lithuania
KL: Knights of Loyola
KL: Knights of Luther
KLA: Knights & Ladies of Azar
KLG: Knights of the Loyal Guard
KLGP: Knights & Ladies of the Golden Precept
KLGR: Knights & Ladies of the Golden Rule
KLGS: Knights & Ladies of the Golden Star
KLH: Knights & Ladies of Honor
KLS: Knights & Ladies of Security
KM: Knights Militant (KKK)
KM: Knights of Malta
KM: Knights of the Maccabees
KMC: Knights of the Mystic Chain
K-N: Know-Nothings
KNP: Know-Nothing Party
KofA: Knights of the Altar
KofA: Knights of the Apocalypse
KofC: Knights of Columbus
KofC: Knights of the Cork
KofD: Knights of Dunamis
KofFM: Knights of Father Matthew
KofG: Knights of the Globe
KofH: Knights of Honor
KofJ: Knights of Jericho
KofJ: Knights of Jubilation
KofJ: Knights of St. John
KofK: Knights of Khorasan
KofL: Knights of Labor
KofL: Knights of Liberty
KofL: Knights of Lithuania
KofL: Knights of Loyola
KofL: Knights of Luther
KofM: Knights of Malta
KofM: Knights of the Maccabees
KofP: Knights of Pythias
KofSA: Knights of St. Andrew
KofSJ: Knights of St. John
KofSTP: Knights of St. Patrick
KofSTW: Knights of St. Wenceslas
KofT: Knights of Tabor
KOGEL: Knights of the Golden Eagle
KoGF: Knights of the Green Forest
KOL: Knights of Labor
KOS: Knights of the Sword
KoSJ: Knights of St. John
KOTM: Knights of the Maccabees
KP: Kights of Pythias
KPC: Knights of Peter Claver
KRA: Knights of the Royal Arch
KRC: Knights of the Red Cross
KRCC: Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
KRT: Knights of the Round Table
KSA: Knights of St. Andrew
KSC: Knights of St. Columcille
KSC: Knights of Southern Cross
KSF: Knights of Sherwood Forest
KSJ: Knights of St. John
KSKJ: American Slovenian Catholic Union
KSL: Knights of St. Lawrence
KSR: Knights of St. Richards
KST: Knights of the Square Table
KSTG: Knights of St. George
KSTI: Knights of St. Ignatius
KSTJ: Knights of St. Joseph
KSTM: Knights of St. Martin
KSTP: Knights of St. Paul
KSTP: Knights of St. Peter
KSTT: Knights of St. Thomas
KT: Knights of Tabor
KT: Knights Templar
KWC: Knights of the White Cross
KWM: Knights of Wise Men
KYCH: Knights of the York Cross of Honor
LAA: Lithuanian Alliance of America
LAFF: Luso-American Fraternal Federation
LAFIS: Luso-American Fraternal Federation
LAL: Ladies of Abraham Lincoln
LALA: Loyal American Life Association
LALIS: Luso-American Life Insurance Society
LAOH: Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
LAPM: Ladies Auxiliary Patriarch Militant
LB: Lutheran Brotherhood
LBA: Luxembourg Brotherhood of America
LBS: Canadian Order of Foresters
LCA: Lithuanian Catholic Alliance
LCBA: Loyal Christian Benefit Association
LDG: Independent Order of Foresters
LE: Lady Elks
LEML: Locomotive Engineers Mutual Life
LFMOS: League of Friendship of the Mechanical Order of the Sun
LGAR: Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
LGE: Ladies of the Golden Eagle
LH: Legion of Honor
LI: Lions International
Libertas et Patria: Sons of the American Revolution
LIFE: Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity, and Equality (Fraternal Order of Orioles)
LIOR: Ladies Independent Order of Reindeer
LK&L: Loyal Knights & Ladies
LKA: Loyal Knights of America
LKL: Loyal Knights & Ladies
LK of A: Loyal Knights of America
LKRT: Loyal Knights of the Round Table
LL: Lincoln League
LL: Loyal League
LLISC: Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada
LLL: Live and Let Live
LLL: Lutheran Laymen’s League
LLLL: Loyal Legion of Lumbermen and Loggers
LLRA: Loyal Ladies of the Royal Arcanum
LM: Ladies of the Maccabees
LMLA: Loyal Mystic Legion of America
LMW: Ladies of the Maccabees of the World
LOA: Loyal Orange Association
LOBA: Ladies Orange Benevolent Association
LOBB: Loyal Order of Beer Buffalo
LofM: Ladies of the Maccabees
LOL: Loyal Order of Orange Lodge
LOM: Legion of the Moose
LOOB: Loyal Order of Buffaloes
LOOM: Loyal Order of Moose
LOS: Ladies Oriental Shrine
LOSNA: Ladies Oriental Shrine of Northa America
LOTM: Ladies of the Maccabees
LPS: Loyal Publication Society
LPSCU: Ladies’ Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union
LSA: Loyal Sons of America
LUB&C: Foresters
LW: Laundry Workers International Union
LWAL: Loyal Women of American Liberty
MAFO: Modern American Fraternal Order
MB: Mystic Brothers
MBA: Modern Brotherhood of America
MBARTE: Mutual Benefit Association of Rail Transportation Employees, Inc.
MBS: Mutual Benefit Society
MBSCC: Maine Boys Sweet Corn Club
MCFA: Michigan Cock Fanciers Association
MCOF: Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters
MFC: Masonic Fraternal Congress
MGGS: Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
MIAFA: “My Interests Are For America” (KKK slogan)
MKFL: Modern Knights Fidelity League
MKSP: Modern Knights of St. Paul
MLA: Masonic Life Association
MMAA: Mennonite Mutual Aid Association
MMSA: Mineral Mine Smelters Association
MoA: Maids of Athens
MOC: Military Order of the Cootie
MOC: Modern Order of Chaldeans
MOLLUS: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MOP: Modern Order of Praetorians
MOPH: Military Order of the Purple Heart
MOS: Mechanical Order of the Sun
MOS: Military Order of the Serpent
MOS&B: Military Order of the Stars and Bars
MOVPER: Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
MPA: Miner’s Protective Association
MPMO: Motion Picture Machine Operators
MPPM: Missouri Paw Paw Militia
MR: Modern Romans
MR-A: Moral Re-Armament
MRA: Masonic Relief Association
MRA: Royal Arcanum
MS: Modern Samaritans
MS: Mystic Seven
MS: Mystic Star
MSA: Masonic Service Association
MSMV: Medical Society of the Missouri Valley
MTA: Mosaic Templars of America
MVA: Mexican Veterans Association
MWA: Modern Woodmen of America
MWW: Modern Woodmen of the World
MWW: Mystic Workers of the World
MYF: Methodist Youth Fellowship
NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NABA: North American Benefit Association
NAH: National Association of Haymakers
NASA: North American Swiss Alliance
NASA: Norwegian American Seaman’s Association
NATB: National Association of Tunerbunds
NAU: North American Union
NBS: National Benefit Society
NCSF: National Catholic Society of Foresters
ND: National Defenders
NDGW: Native Daughters of the Golden West
NEA: New Era Association
NEA: National Education Association
NEFMC: New England Fat Men’s Club
NELPS: New England Loyal Publication Society
NEOP: New England Order of Protection
NF: National Fraternity
NFC: National Federated Craft
NFCA: National Fraternal Congress of America
NFL: National Fraternal League
NFSD: National Fraternal Society of the Deaf
NFU: National Fraternal Union
NG: National Guard
NGA: National Guard Association
NGDA: National Grain Dealers Association
NHA: National Hay Association
NHA: National Haymaker’s Association
NHG: National Home Guards
NIRDC: National Indian Runner Duck Club
NLMC: National League of Masonic Clubs
NMB: National Mutual Benefit
NOA: National Order of America
NOAC: National Organization of Alley Cats
NOB: New Order Builders
NOCR: National Order of Cowboy Rangers
NOK: New Order of Knights (KKK)
NOV: National Order of Videttes
NOW: Neighbors of Woodcraft
NPB&EA: National Poultry, Butter and Egg Association
NPLA: National Protective Life Association
NRA: National Recovery Administration
NRA: National Rifle Association
NS: National Sojourners, Inc.
NSI: National Sojourners, Inc.
NSBA: North Star Benefit Association
NSCDA: National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
NSDAC: National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
NSDAR: National Society Daughters of American Revolution
NSGW: Native Sons of the Golden West
NSS: National Slovak Society of the USA
NSSUP: National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers
NTCM: National Travelers Club for Masons
NUAS: National Union Assurance Society
NUL: National Union League
NUTS: National Utah Token Society
NWLH: Northwestern Legion of Honor
O:.T:.O: Ordo Templi Orientis
OA: Order of Aegis
OA: Order of Ahepa
OA: Order of Alfredians
OA: Order of Alhambra
OA: Order of Amaranth
OA: Order of Americus
OA: Order of Amitie
OA: Order of the Arrow
OA-P-N: Order of Anti-Poke-Noses
OAC: Order of American Cincinnatus
OAFC: Order of the American Fraternal Circle
OAK: Order of American Knights
OAO: Order of Ancient Oaks
OAPN: Order of Anti-Poke-Noses
OAT: Order of Artistic Typists
OAU: Order of the American Union
OB: Order of Bananas
OB: Order of the Bath of the USA
OB: Order of Bugs
OB: Order of the Builders
OBA: Orange Benevolent Association
OBA: Order of B’rith Abraham
OC:: Optimist Club
OC: Order of Camels
OCF: Order of Chosen Friends
OCFU: Order of the Continental Fraternal Union
OCJS: Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars
OD: Order of Desoms
OD: Order of DeMolay
ODHS: Des Schwestern Verbandes
ODM: Order of DeMolay
ODS: Order of the Daughters of Scotia
ODS: Order of the Daughters of Scotland
OE: Order of Equity
OES: Order of the Eastern Star
OofA: Order of Aegis
OofA: Order of Ahepa
OofA: Order of Alfredians
OofA: Order of Alhambra
OofA: Order of Amaranth
OofA: Order of Americus
OofA: Order of Amitie
OofA: Order of the Arrow
OofAC: Order of American Cincinnatus
OofB: Order of Bananas
OofB: Order of Bugs
OofB: Order of the Bath of the USA
OofB: Order of the Builders
OofD: Order of Desoms
OofE: Order of Equity
OofF: Order of Foresters
OofH: Order of Heptasophs
OofH: Order of Homebuilders
OofI: Order of Iroquois
OofO: Order of Orioles
OofP: Order of Pente
OofS: Order of Sparta
OofS: Order of the Square
OofT: Order of Thirteen
OofU: Order of Unity
OGC: Order of the Golden Chain
OGC: Order of the Golden Circle
OGK: Order of the Golden Key
OGL: Order of the Golden Links
OGR: Order of the Golden Rod
OGT: Order of Good Templars
OGT: Order of Good Times
OH: Order of Heptasophs
OH: Order of Homebuilders
OHB: Order of Home Builders
OHD: Order of Houn’ Dawgs
OI: Order of Iroquois
OIA: Order of Independent Americans
OIH: Order of the Iron Hall
OKF: Order of the Knights of Friendship
OKM: Order of Knight Masons
OLRS: Order of the Little Red Schoolhouse
OLRSH: Order of the Little Red School House
OMBA: Occidental Mutual Benefit Association
OMP: Order of Mutual Protection
OMS: Order of the Mystic Star
OO: Order of Orioles
OOB: Order of the Builders
OOC: Order of Calanthe
OOD: Order of Desoms
OOE: Order of Equity
OOF: Order of Odd Fellows
OofIA: Order of Independent Americans
OofUF: Order of United Friends
OOHP: Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection
OOIA: Order of Independent Americans
OOO: Order of Owls
OOYD: Order of Yellow Dogs
OP: Order of Pente
OPG: Order of Pink Goats
OPH: Order of the Patrons of Husbandry
ORC: Order of Railroad Conductors
ORC: Order of the Red Cross
ORM: Order of Red Men
ORP: Order of Royal Purple
ORT: Order of Railroad Telegraphers
OS: Order of Sparta
OS: Order of the Square
OSA: Order of the Sons of America
OSA: Orthodox Society of America
OSB: Order of the Shepherds of Bethlehem
OSC: Order of Scottish Clans
OSC: Order of the Society of Cincinnati
OSE: Order of the Star in the East
OSH: Order of the Shield of Honor
OSI: Order of the Sons of Italy
OSIA: Order of the Sons of Italy in America
OSJ: Order of St. John of Jerusalem
OSL: Order of the Sons of Liberty
OSM: Order of the Secret Monitor
OSSB: Order of the Star Spangled Banner
OSSG: Order of the Sons of St. George
OT: Order of Thirteen
OTK: Order of the True Kindred
OTO: Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Templars of the East)
Otr: Order of the Trapezoid
OTT: Old Time Telegraphers
OU: Order of Unity
OUA: Order of United Americans
OUAM: Order of United American Mechanics
OUCTA: Order of United Commercial Travelers of America
OUF: Order of United Friends
OWSJ: Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
OYD: Order of Yellow Dogs
PA: Philanthropic Assembly
PAA: Pancretan Association of America
PAKC: Providence Association of Ukranian Catholics in America
PAP: Purity, Aid, and Progress (Moose)
PAUCA: Providence Association of Ukranian Catholics in America
Pax Aut Bellum: “Peace or War”, Uniform Rank
PBA: Police Benevolent Association
PBA: Polish Beneficial Association
PBU: Presbyterian Beneficial Union
PCA: Patriarchal Circle of America
PCSS: Pacific Coast Numismatic Society
PCU: Portuguese Continental Union of the USA
PEO: “Protect Each Other” Sisterhood
PF: United Order of Pilgrim Fathers
PFA: Pioneer Fraternal Association
PFA: Polish Falcons of America
PFIA: Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association
PFO: Pioneer Fraternal Order
PG: Pink Goats
PGA: Professional Golfers Association
PH: Patrons of Husbandry
PHA: Peter Hauck Association
PHC: Protected Home Circle
PHES: Prince Hall Eastern Star
PHF: Prince Hall Freemasonry
PHGCES: Prince Hall Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star
PIA: Perfect Initiates of Asia
PKA: Protestant Knights of America
PLEF: Purity, Love, Equality, and Fidelity (Pythian Sisters)
PM: Patriarchs Militant
PMA: Progressive Miners Association
PMC: Past Master Councilor (Order of DeMolay)
PNA: Polish National Alliance
PNNA: Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
PNU: Polish National Union
POA: Patriotic Order of Americans
POF: Pennsylvania Order of Foresters
PofH: Patrons of Husbandry (Grange)
POG: Provincial Old Guard
POS: Priory of Sion
POSofA: Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
POSA: Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
PPBA: Portuguese Protective & Benevolent Association
PPOSW: Patriotic & Protective Order of the Stags of the World
PPP: Prudent Patricians of Pompeii of the USA
PRCUA: Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
PS: Philalethes Society
PS: Princes of Syracuse
PS: Pythian Sisters
PSCU: Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union
PsofA: Princes of Syracuse
PSW: Pythian Sisters of the World
PTA: Parents and Teachers Association
PUA: Polish Union of America
PUL: Philadelphia Union League
PWAA: Polish Women’s Alliance of America
QA: Quarrymen’s Association
QCI: Quota Club International
QS: Quill & Scroll Society
QSS: Quill & Scroll Society
RA: Rebekah Assemblies
RA: Royal Ambassadors
RA: Royal Arcanum
RAA: Rakoczi Aid Association
RAM: Royal Arch Masons
RAOB: Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalo
RB: Rochester Brotherhood
RBO: Russian Brotherhood Organization of the USA
RBS: Royal Benefit Society
RC: Red Cross
RCC: Red Cross of Constantine
RCK: Red Cross Knights
RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RcofC: Red Cross of Constantine
RE: Red Eagles
REOF: Royal & Exalted Order of Fleas
RF: Rosicrucian Fraternity
RFB: Royal Fellows of Bagdad
RG: Rainbow Girls
RH: Royal Highlanders
RI: Rotary International
RIMAS: Russian Independent Mutual Aid Society
RK: Roman Knights
RM: Red Men
RMBI: Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
RMBI: Royal Masonic Institution for Boys
RMOKH: Religious and Military Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
RMOKHJ: Religious and Military Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
RN: Royal Neighbors of America
RNA: Royal Neighbors of America
RO: Rosicrucian Order
RO-AUM: Rosicrucian Order
ROCMAS: Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society
ROCWMAS: Russian Orthodox Catholic Women’s Mutual Aid Society
ROJ: Royal Order of Jesters
ROL: Royal Order of Lions
ROOP: Royal Order of Purple
ROS: Royal Order of Scotland
RP: Royal Purple
RRRR: Royal Riders of the Red Robe
RSGF: Royal Society of Good Fellows
RSM: Royal and Select Masters
RSTV: Rite of St. Vaclav
RSTV: Rite of St. Vitus
RSW: Rathbone Sisters of the World
RT: Round Table
RTJ: Royal Tribe of Joseph
RTT: Royal Templars of Temperance
RW&B: Red, White & Blue
RWB: Red, White & Blue
SA: Sons of Abraham
SA: Sons of Adam
SAF: Scandinavian American Fraternity
SAL: Sons of the American Legion
SAR: Sons of the American Revolution
SAS: St. Ambrogio Society
SAS: St. Andrews Society
SAWV: Spanish-American War Veterans
SB: Sons of Benjamin
SB: Star of Bethlehem
SB: Spartan Band
SBCL: St. Boniface Catholic Union
SBF: Society of Blue Friars
SBL: Society B. Lafayette
SCA: Society for Creative Anachronisms
SCAW: Supreme Camp of the American Woodmen
SCS: Slavonic Catholic Society
SCS: Slovak Catholic Sokol
SCTK: Supreme Conclave of True Kindred
SCV: Sons of Confederate Veterans
SCVCW: Sons of Confederate Veterans of the Civil War
SDA: Shrine Directors Association of North America
SDANA: Shrine Directors Association of North America
SDL: Sons & Daughters of Liberty
SDP: Sons & Daughters of Protection
SEC: Supreme Emblem Club of the USA
SES: Society Espirito Santo of the State of California
SESSC: Society Espirito Santo of the State of California
SFA: Scandinavian Fraternity of America
SFLIS: Sloga Fraternal Life Insurance Society
SFWC: Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
SG: Sunshine Girls
SGUS: Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol of the USA
SH: Sons of Hermann
SI: Sons of Italy
SKA: Silver Knights of America
SKS: Slavonic Catholic Society
SL: Sexennial League
SL: Sons of Liberty
SLOGA: Sloga Fraternal Life Insurance Society
SLTV: St. Louis Turn Verein
SM: Sons of Malta
SMAA: Scandinavian Mutual Aid Association
SMB: Societa di Mutuo Beneficio
SMBA: Slovenian Mutual Benefit Association
SMOC: Supreme Mechanical Order of the Sun
SMOM: Sovereign Military Order of Malta
SMOTJ: Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Knights Templar
SMS: Societa di Mutuo Soccorso
SM: Society of Mary
SN: Sons of Norway
SNA: Shrine of North America
SNBS: Slovene National Benefit Society
SNCC: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
SNF: Serb National Federation
SNPJ: lovene National Benefit Society
SoB: Society of the Bell
Socio Hispano: Hispanic-American Alliance
SoCV: Sons of Confederate Veterans
SofA: Sons of Abraham
SofA: Sons of Adam
SofH: Sons of Hermann
SofI: Sons of Italy
SofM: Sons of Malta
SofN: Sons of Norway
SOFN: Sons of Norway
SofSG: Sons of St. George
SofP: Sons of Pericles
SofP: Sons of Poland
SofW: Patriotic & Protective Order of the Stags of the World
SON: Sons of Norway
SOOB: Social Order of the Beauceant
SOP: Sons of Pericles
SOSJ: Sovereign Oder of St. John of Jerusalem
SOV: Sons of Veterans
SOWR: Supreme Order of White Rabbits
SP: Sons of Pericles
SP: Sons of Poland
SPAA: St. Patrick’s Alliance of America
SPCSCPG: Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping-Car Porters “George”
SPEBSQSA: Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America
Spes Mea in Deo Est: 32nd Degree Mason
SPJST: Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas
SPRSI: Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel
SR: Societas Rosicrusiana
SRA: Shrine Recorders Association of North America
SRA: States’ Rights Association
SRANA: Shrine Recorders Association of North America
SRCF: Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis
SRCFW: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
SS-LL-KD: Rochester Brotherhood
SSAL: Sunday School Athletic League
SSON: Sons of Norway
SSS: S.S.S. & Brotherhood of the Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z.
SSSS: Sveas Soner Singing Society
ST: Sons of Temperance
STOPS: Supreme Temple Order of Pythian Sisters
SUI: Society of United Irishmen
SUV: Sons of Union Veterans
SW: Patriotic & Protective Order of the Stags of the World
SYMWA: Spend Your Money With Americans (KKK)
SYMWAO: Spend Your Money With Americans Only (KKK)
TAFU: Acme Fraternal Union
TBH: Tribe Ben Hur
TC: Triangle Club
TCL: Tall Cedars of Lebanon
TCLNA: Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America
TDS: The Danish Sisterhood
Tebala: Masonic
TF: Temple of Fraternity
TH: Temple of Honor
THT: Templars of Honor and Temperance
TK: True Kindred
TKKKK: Templar Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
TL: Templars of Liberty
TLPF: Temple of Honor and Temperance
TofF: Temple of Fraternity
TofH: Temple of Honor
TofL: Templars of Liberty
TOGD: Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn
TOS: Temple of Set
TOTE: Totem of the Eagle
TPAA: Travelers Protective Association of America
TR: True Reformers
TRC: Theta Rho Clubs
TS: Temple of Set
TS: Theosophical Society
TS: True Sisters
UA: United Americans
UAM: United American Mechanics
UAOD: United Ancient Order of Druids
UAW: United Auto Workers
UBC: Unity, Benevolence, Concord (Ancient Order of Foresters)
UBF: United Brothers of Friendship
UC: Union Club
UCC: Union Congressional Committee
UCCE: Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers
UCT: United Commercial Travelers
UCTA: United Commercial Travelers of America
UCV: United Confederate Veterans
UDC: United Daughters of the Confederacy
UE: United Electrical Workers
UF: United Friars
UFA: Ukrainian Fraternal Association
UFL: Union Fraternal League
UFM: United Friends of Michigan
UI: United Irishmen
UKA: United Klans of America
UL: Union League
ULA: Union League of America
ULK: Union League of Kentucky
ULNY: Union League of New York
ULT: Union League of Tennessee
UMWA: United Mine Workers of America
UNA: Ukrainian National Association
UNAA: Ukrainian National Aid Association
UNAAA: Ukrainian National Aid Association of America
UNLIS: United National Life Insurance Society
UNPC: Union National Party Committee
UO: Union Orange
UOA: United Order of Americans
UOF: United Order of Foresters
UofA: United Americans
UOGC: United Order of the Golden Cross
UOPF: United Order of Pilgrim Fathers
UOTS: United Order of True Sisters
UPEC: Unai Portuguesa do Estado da California
UPW: Union of Polish Women
UPWA: Union of Polish Women in America
UR: Uniform Rank
USA: United States Army
USAF: United States Air Force
USJB: Union Saint-Jean Baptiste
USMC: United States Marine Corps
USN: United States Navy
UsofA: United Steelworkers of America
USOTUS: United Societies of the United States
USPSL&C: Union of Stone Pavers, Sidewalk Layers and Curbsetters
USWV: United Spanish War Veterans
UTUIA: United Transportation Union Insurance Association
UVL: Union Veterans League
UVUL: Union Veterans Union of Louisville
UW: Ancient Order of United Workmen
UWA: Ukrainian Workingmen’s Association
VAA: Verhovay Aid Association
VAS: Vera Amicitia Sempiterna
VFIA: Verhovay Fraternal Insurance Association
VFW: Veterans of Foreign Wars
VMC: Royal Arcanum
VO: Vasa Order of America
VOA: Vasa Order of America
VVA: Vietnam Veterans of America
WA: Wide Awakes
WA: Women’s Auxiliary
WB: Western Bees
WBA: Woman’s Benefit Association
WBF: Workmen’s Benefit Fund of the USA
WBFA:Western Bohemian Fraternal Association
WC: Woodmen Circle
WC: Workmen’s Circle
WCTU: Women’s Christian Temperance Union
WCU: Western Catholic Union
WEC: White Eagle Club
WFA: World Federalist Association
WFJ: Western Fruit Jobbers
WFLA: Western Fraternal Life Association
WFM: Western Federation of Miners
WKKK: Women of the KKK
WKSC: White Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK)
WM: International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.
WMS: Women’s Missionary Society
WMU: Women’s Missionary Union
WOL: Women’s Overseas Service League
WOM: Women of the Moose
WOSL: Women’s Overseas Service League
WOTM: Women of the Moose
WOW: Soldiers of Woodcraft
WOW: Women of Woodcraft
WOW: Woodmen of the World
WOW: Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
WPA: William Penn Association
WPEC: World Plan Executive Council
WR: Supreme Order of White Rabbits
WR&R: Woodmen Rangers & Rangerettes
WRC: Women’s Relief Corps
WRR: Woodmen Rangers Rangerettes
WS: Western Samaritans
WSA: Western Slavonic Association
WSCS: Women’s Society of Christian Service
WSJ: Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
WSLA: Western Samaritans Life Association
XI PSI PHI: Professional Dentists’ Fraternity
XI SIGMA PI: Forestry Honorary Organization
XSB: Xavier Society for the Blind
YAOC: Ye Ancient Order of Corks
YD: Order of Yellow Dogs
YMCA: Young Men’s Christian Association
YRSC: York Rite Sovereign College
YWCA: Young Women’s Christian Association
ZCBJ: Western Bohemian Fraternal Association


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