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By Brett Atlas

If you’ve ever spent any time searching in a cemetery, then you understand exactly why we created this platform. Cemetery maps (when they are available) and cemetery staff (when they are present) are still usually not enough to find the grave you’re looking for.


The RestingSpot platform is a working combination of mobile apps and website profiles. Once a RestingSpot is marked via the mobile app (iPhone or Android), the locations are linked to online memorials for users to share memories, pay respects and post photos of loved ones.

We created the free apps to be simple and efficient. There are 2 main options on the home screen: Search and Add. Search by name to access profiles for the marked RestingSpots near you, and launch the interactive map, which guides you right to the grave. Mark a RestingSpot by simply entering in the person’s name and dates (optional) and pressing a button at the gravesite. The app does the rest.


Once marked, the location serves as the anchor for the online profile, where others may designate themselves a friend or family member, share stories, leave respects, add photos, get directions to the gravesite, and many more features we will be adding over time. We want this to be a special place that can be visited and shared over and over again.


Project RestingSpot is our goal of having a RestingSpot profile for every grave in the United States by Memorial Day 2013. It’s an ambitious goal, to be sure, but in the seconds it takes to mark each grave, just think of the gift you’ll be providing to the families and friends of those loved ones for generations to come.

The mobile iPhone app can be downloaded here:

The Android app can be downloaded here:

Our Twitter and Facebook pages are always updated with new release updates and other news:

Facebook :



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  1. Cemetery - Says:

    […] should be honored and celebrated. Once marked via the mobile app, the grave sites are linked to Resting Spot for users to share memories, pay respects, and post photos of loved ones. In addition, future […]

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