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Resetting Stones

This video shows you the right way to reset a stone, here is a Basic Resetting E-Book By National Center for Preservation Technology and Training that goes along with this video.

Most of us are not going to have the right equipment that NCPTT shows in this video. Below are photos of volunteers who manage to do the job with out any equipment. These volunteers may be causing some damage to the stones, however they are the only people who care if this cemetery is taken care of and they do the best that they can.

If you are willing to volunteer to do this kind of work, know that all you can do is the best you can do. At least you care and want to do something about the over turned stones. Be sure to have help, most of the time one person can not lift these heavy stones. Don’t try lifting heavy stones alone, always have someone to help you, make safety your number one priority.

This stone has fallen over face first onto the ground. It’s a very heavy stone and really needs a hoist to but back on it’s base. However, these volunteers have no equipment, or the funds to buy any equipment. Being face down is better the being face up where the weather can make stones unreadable. Face down makes it so any visitors to the site can not read the name.

They are using a board to lift the foundation in order to place rock under it to make it level again. I don’t approve of using the headstone to brace the board, however they really have no other choice.

The use gravel to place under the foundation to level it.

Now using boards to lift the headstone up off the ground.

Getting it up off the ground, they can now push it up right.

It had been buried in the dirt a couple of inches.

They are now pulling the headstone up onto the base. A hoist would be very handy right now!

Once up on the base it’s now ready to lift up right.

It is very heavy to lift, one person could not do this alone.

Now up right you need to lean it to one side and apply some Epoxy under the headstone, to help keep it attached to the base.
Now it’s a matter of getting it even on the base.

The hard work is done, now for the cleaning.

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A Graveyard Preservation Primer (American Association for State and Local History Book Series)
Product Description: This slender volume encapsulates more information on graveyard preservation than any other restoration guidebook available. Packed with effective methods of maintenance and repair. Numerous photos and illustrations further clarify and demonstrate different problems and remedies for the beginning preservationist. It’s a step-by-step guidebook that is an indispensable reference tool for anyone interested in graveyard preservation.


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