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Restore Old Memories


As a professional photo restoration artist Casey of Spirits of The Past, can repair memories. If you have a box full of old family photos that are slowly fading away, what happens to them when they deteriorate beyond recognition? They will be lost forever not to be seen by future generations.

If disaster strikes Casey can help you using digital technology. Whether it’s from flood, fire, accident, ultraviolet rays or simply the ravages of time. He will rebuild a digital copy of your damaged photo. The final image will be returned to you via email as a high resolution file ready to print. This means it will last a lifetime and can be reprinted when needed or digitally shared with family members.

Digital photo restoration starts with a scan, he never alters the original photograph, only the scanned copy is edited so he can improve, readjust, or fine-tune your photos. He can put the life back in your old photos and also offers specialty services such as removing unwanted people or objects from a photo, what a great gift idea!

Every photo restoration requires different time and skills. He will provide a free no obligation quote before beginning any work. Simple digital file retouching starts at only $10.



Minor Restoration

If your photos have only one small minor damage, if they have became slightly faded or discolored over time or you have a new photo with minor imperfections. At this level of service he can restore fading, improve contrast and brightness, enhance sharpness and color balance, repair minor blemishes, scratches and spotting.



Moderate Restoration

If your photos have suffered a moderate amount of wear and tear he can repair creases or marks, along with torn corners. Restoring a strong colorcast or a very faded photo with minor adjustments. You may need your photo cropped or resized to enlarge images or remove stains and marks.



Complex Restoration

If your photos have a significant amount of damage with torn, faded, discolored,creased, stained or scratches on faces or other body parts. Clothing or other major elements may need to be restored with complex detail. Casey can remove unwanted people or complex objects, make changes to backgrounds and rebuild areas of missing background. Repairing large or multiple tears across important features may take hours of work.




Color Restoration

If you have a photos that have lost it’s color or would like to turn a black and white photo to color, Casey uses the most advanced software to achieve amazing results to bring color to your old photos. He can do major color improvements with fading or discoloration.



What people have to say about his work!

“Your work on my families picture has brought tears to my eyes. I will be forever grateful.”

“I could not be any more happy with this picture. I love it, you did a great job! I just can’t thank you enough.”

“This picture means more to me than you can imagine. This brings tears to my eyes.”

“Thank you so much! I am so excited. These are beautiful!”

“Several years ago, we had a professional rework two photographs for us. He charged us much more than you have and your results are so much better. I can’t tell you how happy we are. I wish we had found you earlier.”



Email your photo for a free quote

Simply follow the below steps.

1. Scan your image at a resolution of 300 dpi and save it as a “high” or “maximum” quality JPG. Or send digital files from your computer.

2. Send Casey an email to with your file attached and any comments you have or any special requests.

3. He will review your photo and send you a PayPal payment request with your quoted price.

4. You can pay using Paypal or ask for information to send a check.

5. When he receives your payment he will begin work on your restoration and will email you the completed work.



Porcelain Memorial Plaques

Order from us the same high
quality porcelain memorial plaques sold
by retail monument dealers at
a fraction of the cost.



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