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Pattie Cemetery Frankfort, KY

This little cemetery is located on the property of Stewart Home School in Frankfort KY just off Old U.S. 127 South also known as Lawrenceburg Road. The Stewart Home School is dedicated to the education of disabled students. The school offers a one-of-a-kind community where the intellectually disabled are appreciated for the people they are. It’s a beautiful campus adjoining 850 acres of serene rural farmland. The grounds are kept up very nicely.

The day I went to find the cemetery I started at the main office. It was around lunchtime so I only found one lady in the office. I asked her if I could visit the cemetery on the grounds. She said, I have worked here for years and I don’t know anything about a cemetery. I told her I read someplace, there is a cemetery on the grounds and asked her to call a maintenance worker to see if someone knows where it is. She called someone and told me to go up to the cafeteria to meet someone who would show me the way.

When reaching the cafeteria I asked two men sitting outside about the cemetery. They said they would take me back to it. One man said, when you see it you are going to cry. I asked him why it wasn’t taken care of and he said, “I don’t know. I don’t have any say around here.” I told him, “you can always voice your opinion.”

As we drove down the gravel road the view of the farmland was beautiful, the acres and acres were all mowed. When we reached the cemetery it was on the top of a hill right on the road. The cemetery has a rock wall surrounding it and it has fallen in many places. I am sure this was to keep animals out in the past, at this time no animals are kept in the area. With in the rock wall are many broken tree limbs, vines, weeds and brush. I saw 5 headstones, two large ones, two small and a fieldstone sticking up out of the ground.

Before the land was The Kentucky Military Institute, John (Called William) Pattie settled on this land with his family in 1820. His wife Lucy and their children: Polly Pattie Hall, Mahala Pattie Payne, Daniel Pattie, Elizabeth Pattie Monks, William S., Thornton, Henry, Samuel, Sarah Bell and Preston Pattie.

John died on July 17, 1833 and his wife Lucy Daniel Pattie died on March 9, 1841. Some sources say they are buried in this family graveyard. However, I was told their stones can be found in the Lower Benson Presbyterian Church Cemetery on the Julian Farm off of Cardwell Lane in Frankfort KY. I was able to find this cemetery however it is fenced and grown over.

I could not read the stones that are broken and laying on the ground. I hope that anyone searching for more information will find it recorded in Frankfort KY. I find it very sad that the school doesn’t maintain this little cemetery. However, I feel that they will let anyone visit if you ask.






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