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Monument Jack


The strongest pry bar and it’s made in the USA with a no-risk guarantee!

See our guarantee below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a sales representative will contact you to answer questions and place your order promptly.

How much weight can you lift with the Monument Jack pry bar? Take your weight and times it by 5. For example, a 200-pound man would be able to lift 1000 pounds with the Monument Jack pry bar. Two men who weigh approximately 200 pounds each should be able to lift 2,000 pounds. Our new design is stronger, sportier and lighter in weighing. Just place it where you want it, jump on the pipe and push it into the ground, push or pull the bar and pry the stone up.
*Patent Pending

Monument Jack Basic
This bar is made from basic steel, it will do the job out in the field, but is for lighter duty. Not suggested for Monument Companies or cemeteries that do a lot of headstone moving. If you bend this bar because of misuse, we will repair it free of charge, but you will be responsible for the shipping both directions. Price: $199.00 plus shipping.

Monument Jack 41D
This bar has a super tough blade that will not bend. It is made from Chromoly which is a tool steel. This bar is good for anyone who does a lot of headstone moving and leveling out in the field. Do not use a cheater bar with this model as the handle might bend. If you do bend the handle, we will repair it but you will be responsible for shipping, falls under the lifetime guarantee. Price $399.00 plus shipping.

Monument Jack 41EXTRA
This bar has a blade and handle made from Chromoly which is a tool steel. A 5′ cheater bar can be used on this bar giving a person the lifting capacity of 9 times their weight. This is our toughest bar to date. It is covered by all our guarantees. It weighs 24 lbs. Price: $499.00 plus shipping.

Monument Blocks
This is the safe way to level Headstones. Jack the headstone up, slide the blocks under the stone. Put dirt or gravel underneath, level it with your hands or tools. When you are finished, jack up the stone and remove the blocks. $249.00 (Set of two) plus shipping.

Disinterment Hook
This tool is used to break the airlock that holds a vault from being pulled out of the ground. You hook the tool under the corner of the vault, then use chains and a hoist to pull up on it to break the air seal. Price is $175.00 plus shipping.

Flower Pot Cleaner
This pot cleaner works in most standard flower pot holders. It will clean out sticks, leaves, grass, dirt, snakes, mud and dirt. No more tedious scrapping out of those dirty pots that are full of who- knows-what. Price is $124.00 plus shipping.

Ground Warmer
This ground warmer is for the winter, when the ground is frozen solid. The infrared heater, designed specifically for the cemetery industry, runs on propane and thaws at a rate of about one inch per hour. We build these right here in Utah. Two will thaw an entire gravesite.

It can also be used to warm up a headstone so you don’t have all the mud and ice stuck to the bottom of the marker when you move it. Cost is $2500.00 per unit, plus shipping.

Monument Jack offers a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee: This means that if you try it out and it doesn’t work for you we will take it back at our expense or exchange for the right bar for the right job. This includes shipping both directions.

We will need a detailed description of what it was used for and why it didn’t work. We use this information to improve our design and design new tools.

One year breakage warrantee: If, because of faulty workmanship, there is a problem, we will fix or replace this tool at our expense, including shipping.

Lifetime guarantee: If you should damage this tool in anyway, we will straighten or repair it for free, if it can be repaired. Even if it is used in a totally unreasonable way. BUT the customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

To order or get more information for any of our tools fill out the form below. We will contact you to answer questions and place your order promptly.

Monument Jack



Porcelain Memorial Plaques

Order from us the same high
quality porcelain memorial plaques sold
by retail monument dealers at
a fraction of the cost.



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