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Lenawee County, MI

By: Dawn of Michigan Ghosts

Many cemeteries all over the country are in need of cleaning and repairs. I live in Lenawee County, Michigan. Its in the southern part of Michigan. Lenawee County is an old county, with a lot of history, and a lot of cemeteries. The Lenawee Historical Center is a good place to start if you are interested in researching your geneology, looking for old obituarries or cemetery records. As with many places, one of the key problems for cemetery maintenance in Lenawee County seems to be lack of resources or volunteers. Aside from the many small, personal family plots that have become overgrown or abandoned, there are many other public cemeteries that could use some work, from minor cleaning to major repairs.

Below is a list (with pictures) of some the cemeteries I have visited, in and around Lenawee County, MI. If you are interested in helping with the maintenance or repairs , please try to contact the caretakers of the cemeteries. If you can not locate the caretaker, it never hurts to do a little clean up on your own, as long as you respect private property.

Hillside Cemetery, Addison MI (located off Junction Rd.)
This cemetery is still in use. It is usually referred to locally as just the Addison cemetery, although the wrought iron entrance arch says “Hillside.” It has tombstones dating back to the early 1800’s, and many are in need of repair. The cemetery sits on the Mill Pond, and is well laid out, though small, with rolling hills and is surrounded by trees.

My last visit there was in the beginning of March, and it was as quiet and peaceful as always, though I was saddened to see many broken tombstones, and many where the writing is faded so badly you can’t read it. People interested in helping here should contact the Addison Village Hall.

Tilted stones at Addison Cemetery

Broken monument, Addison Cemetery

Childs grave, Addison Cemetery

Toppled stone pillar, Addison cemetery


Along with the many broken stones, do the recent ice storms and high winds, Addison Cemetery is also in need of some basic and proper clean up of brush, sticks, and leaves. Though mowed on a regular basis, it has been my impression for years that this is not at the top of the Villages priorities. Teenagers also tend to drift towards the secluded cemetery, so in warmer months litter can be a problem.

Dibble Cemetery, North Adams, MI
( located off North Adams Rd. about 1 mile down from U.S 127)
This tiny cemetery has a new section, and an older section. The oldest stones appear on the left hand side of the mostly overgrown drive that twist through this place. NUMEROUS stones are damaged, along with what looks like an attempt to remove an old tree. The large trunk of the tree still sits in the middle of the older section, and it appears that some of it may have fallen and crushed some of the stones. There is an old abandoned shed at the back of the property that is not locked and full of rusty wire, broken glass, and filth. Though it appears it is still in use occasionally, it also appears very neglected. The sign posted says it is run by the board of Wheatland Township.

Overgrown bushes and broken stones, Dibble Cemetery

Broken stone and tree limbs, Dibble Cemetery

Shattered historic markers, Dibble Cemetery

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