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Happy Fathers Day


I wish everyone a happy and joyful fathers day. I lost my father when I was 21 years old. It’s seems so long ago, however I still miss him and think of him often. In honor of fathers day, I decided to visit the grave sites of my father and his father and so on, as far back as I could go.

I started with my father Robert Earl Aynes and his father Earl Aynes, who are buried side by side in Valhalla Memory Gardens in Bloomington, Indiana. I am not really happy with these markers because they only show the years and not the birth and death dates.


My father died young at the age 46. His marker bears the name of his wife at the time he passed away. She is a lovley woman who is remarried and I am sure doesn’t wish to be laid to rest here. Makes me think of all the missing death dates I see on stones that may always remain missing because the persons life has changed and they decide to be buried at a diffrent location.


My grandfather is buried with my grandmother Mamie O’Dell Aynes. They only had one child, my father. They spent time together in the same room at a nursing home before he passed away. She lived longer although she had alzheimer’s Disease.

My great grandfather Thomas Ayens born July 1872 and died Feb 19, 1936 is buried at Gilgal Cemetery in Heltonville, Indiana. He was married to my great grandmother Daisy Murphy. I think I have found her grave and her parents graves, however I have been told by a family member that she is located in a different cemetery. Now I am not sure if I found her or have the wrong Daisy Murphy. I did find out that one daughter is still living and is in her 80’s. I am hoping to meet and speak with her very soon. I was happy to see on the back of the stone the names of his children with Daisy. I did not have these names so this is one time that seeing a stone gave some more family information. However, I do know that Thomas had two boys with his first wife Frances. So getting the childrens names from the stone is great but it’s dosn’t show all his children.



My great great grandfather James H. Aynes was born in Indiana Sept 1838 and died July 8, 1905 buried in Ross Hill Cemetery in Bloomington, Indiana. Some records I have found say July 18th. If the date had only been placed on the stone we would know for sure. He was married to Hannah J. Honeycutt my great great grandmother on July 22, 1866 Brown County, Indiana. I have not located her grave site yet.


My great great great grandfather Gabriel Aynes was born in Virginia in 1802. He married Sarah Catherine in 1824, Claiborne, Tennessee. I am not really sure if Cahterine was Sarah’s last name or not. They are buried together in Deckard Cemetery in Brown County, Indiana. Luckly I found this grave photo on and you can read the names. Looks like someone use something to fill the names in and make them white so they could read it.



This photo I took this week shows you how the names are almost unreadable. I am hoping at some point to place a marker in front of this one to show the names and dates for the future generations to see.

My great great great great grandfather was Reuben Aynes born 1775 in Virginia and married Mary Armstrong born 1776 in Virginia.

My great great great great great grandfather was John Aynes born around 1750 and married Jane Marshell. I have no other informaiton about them. If you have any informaiton about this family please email me at


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