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The Grave Saver™


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The Grave Saver™ grave marker border from J.M. Monument of Minnesota is an innovative product and the perfect tool to help reduce the maintenance and upkeep costs of grave markers. The Grave Saver™ is the perfect compliment for many headstone and grave marker. The Grave Saver™ is a highly effective option to prevent sinking gravestones as well as to prevent gravestones from becoming grassed over. It is a much more affordable and far less time consuming option when compared to laying a larger granite base.

The Grave Saver™ has:
Patented Design
Easy Installation
Strong & Durable, even in extreme climates
UV Resistant
Maintenance Free
Available in 3 sizes that fit most grave markers
The Grave Saver™ is also covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Over time, grave markers start to sink in the ground and become overgrown with grass. Grave markers can weigh about 100 pounds and all the force of that weight pushes straight down which causes the markers to sink. Once the marker starts to sink it’s hard to keep the grass from cover over the marker, every year the stone sinks farther and farther into the ground.

The Grave Saver™ is a low cost, low maintenance way to preserve and enhance your family’s cemetery grave site. The Grave Saver™ has a patented design which prevents grave markers from sinking into the ground and being overgrown with grass. It does this by evenly distributing the weight of the grave marker onto the flanges which sit above the uncut sod. This keeps the grave markers from sinking and also prevents grass from growing over the markers.





The Grave Saver™ comes in three sizes that fit the most popular sizes of grave marker stones; those sizes are:

The Grave Saver™ Model #1123 is 11″ x 23″ x 4″ and is designed for stones measuring 10″ x 20″ or smaller with smooth or rough cut edges.

The Grave Saver™ Model #1224 is 12″ x 24″ x 4″ and is designed for stones measuring 12″ x 24″ or smaller with smooth edges.

The Grave Saver™ Model #1325 is 13″ x 25″ x 4″ and is designed for stones measuring 12″ x 24″ or smaller with rough cut or raw edges.

The basic tools that you will need to install the Grave Saver™ are:
Grave Saver™ Kit
A Pair of Gloves
Utility Knife or Scissors
Bucket or Bag of Play Sand or Patio Block Sand

Watch this video to see a Grave Saver™ being installed.

Hit the “Order Now” button below to get 10% off your order, then enter the password “saveagrave”! Then you can order any size for $89.00 (10% off original price). This is a special offer that is only good if you follow this link from

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Porcelain Memorial Plaques

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