Donate gift cards from any company, any amount, and help save a grave. We continue supporting many groups doing restoration projects. Gift cards can be used to buy needed supplies or even to feed volunteers for the day. You can easly pick them up the next time you go shopping.

Many people received gift cards that they never use. Maybe you have some lying around or in your wallet that you have owned for months. Even if you think that we can't use it for anything, it can always be used to give as an appreciation for a hard working volunteer, who has spent hours of time saving graves. That person deserves to have a nice dinner out or a gift card to use shopping. Why not donate your unused cards to a good cause and know that you helped save a grave. Every dollar counts!

We do not yet have our tax-exempt status and are not a 501(c)(3) public charity group therefore, donations are not tax deductible.

Please Mail Cards to:

Save A Grave
POB 3241
Bloomington IN 47402

Thank You,
Carole Lynn

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