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Finding Funding

Getting donations for your Cemetery or Headstone preservation projects can be very challenging. Approaching local businesses for materials, supplies or food to feed your volunteers with might be easier than asking for a monetary donation.

Start by making a list of items and food that you are going to need for the project. Decide on your target audience like local businesses, friends, family and people who have donated in the past. The best way to approach them is in person so that you can tell them all about your project and what the outcome will be.

Make another list of your options, and who you may approach for donations or help. Make sure to add how you think they might be able to help either by monetary donations or donations of goods and or labor. You can visit local businesses and ask for donations, keep in mind you may wish to give them something in return, like a public thank you in the local newspaper.

Read our page on finding volunteers to get some ideals on how to find free labor. If your plans are to raise money and hire a professional company to do the restoration our website also has a list of professional restoration companies.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can make it easier to ask for donations and also allows you to keep others updated on your project. Make donating easy, offer to pick up items and be prepared to accept payment using, this will allow people to give you donations using a credit card.

Fundraising can be another way to raise the money that you need for your project. Search the Internet for fundraising ideas. We will be posting fundraising ideas on this website soon.


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