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Coffin Flies


Keep your eyes open for coffin flies when visiting any Mausoleum. The coffin fly may be mistaken for a fruit fly, you are aware of fruit flies but keep in mind that there is no reason that fruit flies would be in a mausoleum. The flies you see there are known as coffin flies because when they are in larval stage of development they feed on decomposing bodies. After feeding in the coffin they form a cocoon in the casket and then emerges as an adult. A female generally lay about 500 eggs in a lifetime.


As an adult fly they find the way out of the casket and can spread sickness when they land. Often they are looking for water and will fly into the eyes, nose and mouth of any human visitor. They may be carrying diseases and they are very unsanitary. Many mausoleums may be infected with these flies and management may do little to nothing to control the problem. There are many ways to control the problem even an electronic machine they can use to neutralize smells and also manage the coffin flies.


If you visit a mausoleum and see coffin flies please contact the manager and complain. They might tell you that the flies are there because of fresh flowers being left inside the mausoleum. Don’t let them send you away with this answer. Contact the Funeral Consumers Alliance and your local Health Department. If nothing gets done take your complaint to the Attorney General’s office. Don’t let this go, many people visiting or working inside the mausoleum will not know what danger they have to their health.


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